3,2,1 Action!

3,2,1 Action!

Today we will talk about the Theatre/Drama class Andrea Grancini puts together for the students of Opening Doors. These sessions are held every Monday from 6PM to 8PM at Spazju Kreattiv and are funded by the Arts Council Malta as part of a Cultural Partnership Agreement.

Last Monday’s class, very interestingly started with watching videos of “Laurel & Hardy”, the hilarious couple that with their movements and dialogue still entertain us. It was very nice to watch their movements, their expressions, how they made us laugh! Afterwards, it was action time! We got to “perform” one of the music scenes they were doing. The students and myself were having so much fun!

One very important aspect of theater is the physical movement of one’s body. How you move around the stage when you perform and the ability to dance (if we speak about musicals) are key. Thus, this little exercise we had so much fun doing, helped the students move around, they learned some funny dancing that had to imitate instantly and they defined their space around them.

Afterwards, the class proceeded with the sketch that they are going to perform at Teatru Salesjan on the 26th and 27th of April. The sketch is done in silence, and the students give their best effort and produce a hilarious small show. More teasers coming soon!

Save the dates for the performances at Teatru Salesjan and watch what this class has to show!