Opening Doors – Our Philosophy

The Association’s ethos is to promote creative processes and artistic skill with adults with intellectual disabilities, and therefore all our projects engage adults with intellectual disabilities in processes that facilitate the creation of their own work and aesthetic, and empower them to take ownership of this work and process.

The association manages to address its ambitious plans thanks to the creative professionals engaged to develop projects, to our active volunteers, artists and members whose commitment and energy drives us to achieve more. Opening Doors Association exists because the members believe in cultural rights and accessibility. Together we are committed to the creative expression of people with intellectual disabilities.

Opening Doors Board

Prof Jo Butterworth (Chair)
Brian Gauci (Treasurer)
Dr Anne-Marie Callus
Sara Accettura
Caroline Bajada



Sara Portelli (Vice-chair)
Toni Attard
Giuliana Barbaro-Sant
Esther Gauci


Opening Doors Artistic Director and Leaders

Sarah Amato – Artistic Director
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Douglas Comley – Leader Theatre group
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Julienne photo

Julienne Schembri –  Leader Dance group
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Photo Sara

Sara Accettura – Leader Dance group
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Benji Cachia – Leader Music group
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