Michael Vella Zarb – Music/Percussion Group Leader

Michael Vella Zarb is a professional musician based in Malta with over 10 years of experience playing the drums. First studying under esteemed local drummers Joseph Camilleri (Snr.) and Fabrizio Giorgio, Michael now performs with local groups in various styles (including rock, jazz, funk, ska and reggae.) Music has brought meaning to his life – joy, laughter, love, beauty and shelter – and nothing satisfies him more than doing his best to share this with others.

Highlight experiences:
• Participant in Berklee at Umbria Jazz Clinics 2015.
• Assisting teacher of music in the Sounds Out Loud project (Valletta 2018) and the One Voice project (BOV Joseph Calleja Foundation) in July 2018.
• Assisting teacher of music at Opening Doors Association beginning in January 2019 and leading teacher beginning in October 2021