Audience Feedback – Ahdar Id-Dezert

Audience Feedback – Ahdar Id-Dezert


Photo by: Jeremy De Maria

Thank you so much for inviting me to view the rehearsal on Monday; I was blown away by so many aspects of the venture and the participants.
It is an outstanding achievement to have created such a wonderful piece with the 3 groups involved.
The energy and enthusiasm of the participants was infectious – they so obviously loved what they were doing yet were sufficiently disciplined to remain ‘in character’ throughout. They responded admirably to the need for intense concentration and personal restraint.There was no indication that the groups usually worked separately, as the whole had a great sense of cohesion and cameradiere about it. It wasn’t until afterwards when you explained the set-up, I realised just how well they had melded together, which made it all the more successful a venture. It was apparent that the dancers/actors/musicians were supportive and encouraging of each other, and wanted to give of their very best.They were also extremely keen to show their gratitude to the supporters, leaders, audience, and helpers, and this serves to show how much they appreciate the opportunity to explore aspects of themselves which would not have been possible in any other way. I believe that some of them can display challenging behaviours and marked introversion, but the fact that they all participated and co-operated with each other is testament to the vast patience  skill and care, on which the leaders must be complimented. The obvious indebtedness of the participants to these marvellous people was humbling.

There is evidence of remarkable talent in some of the performers and it would be good know that efforts to increase funding to enable greater participation in the groups is successful. This  would offer possibly further opportunities for the abilities of the more gifted members to be developed.

I found the subject matter exceptionally well presented, and  since I don’t speak Maltese, I was able to follow the story with ease and to experience the poignancy of the matters which the content raised. This is again testament to the skills of all involved.

I hope these comments are helpful and I would like to ask you to pass on my most sincere appreciation to all.

Sent in by Vivien Thickett