My placement experience with Opening Doors

My placement experience with Opening Doors

A Placement Experience with Opening Doors

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‘Passionate, inspiring and committed’. These are the words I would use to describe every member of the Opening Doors team!

For the last few weeks, I have been supporting the Opening Doors Level 2 Theatre Group, in the run-up to their World Disability Day performance for schoolchildren held on 3rd December at Spazju Kreattiv. I can say that during these weeks I have witnessed the energy they radiate during rehearsals – no task is too challenging as they meet each challenge with open arms. They are such a cohesive group, breaking boundaries every day!

Being physically present in the same space as the group is heart-warming as every member works so hard to bring their best, never shying away from help and always constantly learning and adapting new skills and techniques. Working alongside them has filled me with so much hope! It is clear that Opening Doors Association is doing a lot more than putting on performances, it’s changing lives and broadening horizons every week.

When each weekly session ends, I cannot wait for the next one. I’ve reached the end of my placement, but I have become a part of Opening Doors family now. I was asked to stay on after my placement as a volunteer and this was an offer I could not refuse! I’m so grateful for this amazing experience and I’m looking forward to continuing this journey with Opening Doors.