A weekend of Music Workshops

A weekend of Music Workshops


Hello everyone! My name is Faye Mifsud Midolo and I am a student at MCAST studying performing arts. I am currently doing a placement with Opening Doors and joined in for the first time on Sunday during the weekend of music workshops held for Opening Doors’ musicians, in collaboration with professional bands.

During Sunday’s workshops, I was welcomed into a very homely environment at Kwinti Studios, with amazing musicians jamming with their instruments and playing a variation of improvised pieces and also some well-known songs like Tomorrow by Gianluca Bezzina and Superstition by Stevie Wonder. It was so interesting to see how each instrument was given character by the person playing it and how all the instruments created such an amazing sound when combined.

During the workshops, I learnt quite a bit of information… like how playing music is like playing a game and how it is ok to mess up (everybody makes mistakes). I also learnt what a cluster is and why it is important to experiment with music and the instruments.

I really enjoyed attending the last 2 workshops of this weekend event and was so pleased to meet the music group members, leaders, assistants, the band members, as well as Opening Doors President Professor Butterworth and Artistic Director Ms. Ilona Baldacchino who were so kind as to welcome me with open arms. Thank you all so much for having me, it was lovely to be there and I can’t wait to work with you all again soon hopefully!

Opening Doors Association’s music programmes are supported by The Melita Foundation.