Opening Doors nominated for Arts Council Community Award

Opening Doors nominated for Arts Council Community Award

Once again, Opening Doors is being nominated for Best Project in The Community by Arts Council, based on the year 2018.

L-aqwa proġett fil-komunita (1)

This award is being nominated for Opening Doors annual collective performance which was staged in April 2018 at Salesian Theatre.

This production was made up of :

A contemporary dance performance by The Dance group titled ‘Life Around a Table’,which uses a table as a focal point and features the journey of a couple through time.

The Music group’s piece was titled ‘Drumming Together & Taxi Mary’ which presented new drum rhythms which were developed during the creative sessions.

Street Tombla’, by the Theatre group, featured 3 Street Tombla performers inviting passers-by to play.

The Secret’ , was presented in the second half of the programme and was our  interdisciplinary annual artistic work – by the Opening Doors Ensemble, Music Group, Dance Group and Theatre Group.  ‘The Secret’ was directed by guest director Carol Brown from Draig Tan Productions in Wales. The production was inspired by the iconic story of The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry  – a story which remains timeless, and which in this version, explores the pitfalls of a modern society as seen through the eyes of a traveller from another world.

‘The Secret’ is the product of a collaboration called (In) Visibility between Opening Doors Association and the Valletta 2018 Foundation. The production was a culmination of several months of intense workshops and activities involving a group of 13 performers, 6 tutors and a production coordinator that have supported the creation of this original work.


The Awards Ceremony will take place in April 2019 – Good Luck to Opening Doors !