Training on Co-facilitation

Training on Co-facilitation


On 24 June 2023, Opening Doors hosted a day of training workshops which focused on expanding the expertise of both OD’s artistic team and level 2 performers in the area of co-facilitation, where participants learn to work together to plan and deliver artistic sessions as a team. Held at Spazju Kreattiv and led by Drama and Gestalt Therapist Lou Ghirlando, the day featured very varied tasks to ensure good engagement throughout the day, as well as time for reflection on the theme of relationships and collegiality that comes with co-facilitating. There was also a mini-presentation from Artistic Director Ilona Baldacchino and level 2 performer Angela Bettoni, about their recent co-facilitation experience.

Other themes that were explored included:

– the difference between being a performer and being a workshop leader

– co-facilitation, including working together on a planned structure and being able to communicate during a session to respond to emerging needs of session participants.

– talking about disability

– trying it out, practice in leading

– receiving feedback

All the participants really enjoyed the experience and felt it gave them new skills and a better understanding of co-leading.

Level 2 actress and workshop participant Denise Camilleri said that:

‘The workshop was very interesting and helped me to understand better how to act in different situations. Although it was a full day, it was so interesting that I  did not see the time pass. We were shown how to improve the skills in both acting and backstage requirements. The hints that they gave us were useful and now I feel that I have a better idea of what acting is about.  They helped me to understand better how to use my voice together with body movements.

It was a most  interesting and enjoyable day  spent with my colleagues and teachers in a fun atmosphere. I wish to thank Opening Doors for the organisation of this workshop, the Trainer,  Lou Ghirlando  and the Leaders, Assistants, for their help and assistance throughout the day.
Level 2 actor and workshop participant Justin Spiteri added:

‘I enjoyed the whole event because I had the chance to express myself freely. We were challenged to think before we created our movement. We also had the opportunity to socialize with everyone, which helped me to be more relaxed. The event helped me to be more positive in my thoughts as I felt accepted. I liked also the different warm up and exercises.

The mission of the theatre, after all, is to change, to raise the consciousness of people to their human possibilities. Arthur Miller.’
Opening Doors Association would like to thank Agenzija Zghazagh’s Reboot scheme for supporting this event.

Kind thanks to Spazju Kreattiv, workshop leader Lou Ghirlando as well as all the participants.