Weekly Classes

Opening Doors members meet once or twice weekly to practice and learn new skills, and work creatively.

The Theatre group 1 meets at Spazju Kreattiv and works with group leader Leon Xuereb and assistant Jacob Piccinino.
The Theatre group 2 meets at Spazju Kreattiv and works with group leader Andrea Grancini, and assistant Marjann Attard.

The Dance 2 group meets on Mondays at Alison White Dance Studios with group leader Julienne Schembri and assistant Francesca Zammit. Ballet class is also held at Alison White Dance Studios, led by Alison White and assisted by Francesca Zammit.

The Dance group 1 also meets on Fridays at Manoel Theatre Studios with group leader Estelle Farrugia and assistant Concetta Cariello.

The Music Groups meet in Qormi at The Creative Hub with group leader Luke Baldacchino and assistants Benji Cachia and Michael Vella Zarb.

Whilst sessions are usually held live, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve had to shift all sessions completely online for the time being.

For enquiries to join our classes as a participant or a volunteer please contact us on info@openingdoors.org.mt or call us on 99954330.